Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Former defending champion Danny Garcia and former duo Adrian Granados will clash on April 20 at the PC Games on the main FOX event, with the location of the battle set.

Garcia (34-2, 20 Koo) emerges from the loss of his decision to Sean Porter on September 8 in Brooklyn, losing two of his last three games, and also losing to Keith Thurman in 2017. Among these fits, he compensated by Brandon Rios in February of this General.

Granados (20-6-2, 14 KO) is one of those fighters who are better than his record. The Chicago area citizen was at the short end of several debatable decisions, including, in particular, the loss of Adrian Brunner in February 2017.

Granados won two consecutive goals in a club match in Mexico after the loss of Shaun Porter in November 2017 and a lack of competition with Javier Fortuna in June this year.

Granados did not attend the press event on Tuesday in Los Angeles, but sent a video telling García that he had "talked very much", with Garcia saying he would "hit recently."

Adrián Granados is a pressure fighter. She comes with a lot of pressure and the volume throws punches. This porter sounds like the right? Well, the biggest difference with all the size that he faces his opponents. It seems to be left open to resist the blow. For Garcia, it's a chance to get a knockout at a good moment. He can sit and wait for opening a counter-left bomb on Adrian Granados.

Garcia may have trouble, where Grenados has 5.5-inch reach. But Grenados will make a more intelligent box. At this point, Adrian Granada probably has good motivation and speed. It has a good jab and hand motion. If you work behind barbecue and double jab and, throwing up the center of the ring and tossing the left Garcia continuously around, then you have a legitimate chance to win this fight.

That said, we know that Danny Garcia has many powers. He has the edge there. Apart from eliminating its Jab opponents have an advantage with the ability to reach a highly effective counterattack. Granados must be modified by their usual approach Garcia and finally to avoid the ending time with a big left.

Adrian Granados has a good chance of winning this fight. But when the end of the round, Danny Garcia could keep granados on the canvas. Granados Finally he will always catch and catch the fights in the way. This will be an interesting match and let us clearly tell where Garcia is in his career.

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