Sunday, January 20, 2019

$$#@@@))) Danny Garcia and Adrian Granados to headline a FOX show in April (((@@@#$$

Danny Garcia and Adrian Grenados to headline a Fox Show in April

At least it is not Danny Garcia-Rod Salca II

There is another premiere boxing champions in the first quarter of 2019, to announce Fox's main event. Like everyone, Danny Garcia versus Adrian Grenados is not like everyone else. Although it is not a terrible battle.

Danny Garcia (34-2, 20 KOs) hoped to take a big step in his next battle as Keith Thurman and Shaun Potter lost the last three matches, as he matched against Samuel Vargas, and most ridiculously, Rod Salka. That Garcia has been the way, historically. When expectations are low, middling results can be taken as a pleasant surprise. Garcia's upcoming rotation is actually with Adrian Grenados (20-6-2, 14 KOS) for the waiter-free refrigerator rival.

Adrian Line Elite Waiter is not the top, Danny Garcia may be the right day, but his career is an interesting study. He is one of the greatest fate of the modern era. Eight fights that Illinois Native had not raised his hand, only one was a clear loss. About a year ago Shawn Porter came. Otherwise its division or the majority of decisions were impossible and the prominent possibilities were on behalf of Frankie Gomez, Brad Solomon and Felix Diaz and probably should have scored for him. He did not see the second phase of his split shot with the 2011 split draw or the second round with LenoDo Tyner, but the card also thinks Grenados could win. I certainly saw his 2013 loss of Kimmit Sistrion in the Split Draw and I rarely decreased his split decision on Adrian Bronner on his behalf.

Another reality, Adrian Granados 27-1 and the top rival without maximum change. Although he will still be a big underdog against Danny Garcia. Although Fillie's favorite has lost two best-rated waiters, he reminded us what he was able to do in Bronx Royce's exciting knockout. In the Brazilian career, Garynados must be a little better than Reyes, but he is also close to Brendan Royce's class than Shaun Porter or Keith Thurman.

It is better than Therman-Lopez or the main events of Santa Cruz-Flores Fox, but it is not a good thing that it fights well in any way in the series. If an Official PBC official date or an underwriting button is announced at the Fox Press Conference this afternoon, I will get an update..


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