Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Danny Garcia vs Adrian Granados Set For April 20

Great match STE up !

Good for Garcia that he is keeping at it, not taking time out (which I think is always a bad idea), and coming back to have a fight, not too soon, not too late.

I think Granados is very underrated, put up a great effrot against Porter, came close against Broner, stopped Imam, he's unlucky he hasn't fought for a world title.

Garcia is 30, he doesn't have too many miles on the clock, he isn't fresh, been in tough fights against Herrera, Peterson, Thurman, but he hasn't been in any seriously damaging fights, and against Porter, he wasn't disappointing, it was just Porter's night, Porter knew too much about Garcia as a fighter, had a great game plan, and in a close fight, he just got beat. There is no shame in losing to Thurman and Porter, especially close, mentally, it will be a challenge for Garcia to come back stronger, but I think based on how well he boxed against Porter, how well he started, I think he is still in his prime, if he isn't, he is not far past it, and at this stage, he is top 4 at 147.

I think Granados was well on his way to beating Fortuna, he has 6 losses, but he has lost 2 MDs and 3 SDs, he got beat by a landslide against Porter, but not a shutout or close to it, won rounds, made it competitive, and Granados has mixed against the likes of Felix Diaz, Broner. It is hard to say Granados has a granite chin, because he has been dropped at least 5 times, but he has a decent chin, he is durable, has great stamina, output, he isn't a brilliant boxer, he doesn't have much amateur pedigree and the only information BoxRec has outside of his pro career is that he sparred Juan Manuel Marquez, but Granados is a talented fighter, has a lot of experience, and very good experience in 29 fights.

Granados comes off 10 months between significant fights, but he only comes off 7 months between fights, because he got 2 3rd round stoppage wins in small fights, in August and September 2018. Activity definitely isn't an issue for Garcia, 7 months between fights, he got the Rios win as well, 7 months before he fought Porter. Activity might favour Garcia very slightly.

I don't think Granados would have finished the way he did against Porter, if Porter hadn't broken his hand, but still, never once in that fight did Granados look like he didn't believe he was going to win, and when a fighter has that mentality, they can always do well in a fight, desire, belief, very important in boxing, and I suppose for Granados, he might think he's mentally in a better place than Garcia, and the Porter loss has affected him badly, but whether or not Garcia is mentally in a good place is impossible to say, even if he is though, Granados will still be confident he can win, especially seeing as Porter beat Garcia, UD, wasn't controversial, and Granados thought he beat Porter.

For Garcia, this might be the perfect fight, Granados is limited, can be hurt, he didn't actually beat Broner, Diaz, didn't come close against Porter, so this is not too much, too soon, but this is most definitely not too easy a fight, and Garcia will get good rounds against Granados, will have to work hard for a win, but it is also a fight he should win, because he's better than Granados.

Granados has half a foot of reach on Garcia, from long range, he might be able to catch Garcia with that counter right hand, early, like he did against Porter, Garcia won't be relentless, won't throw as many punches, be as awkward as Porter, but he will also be a lot harder to counter as the rounds go on, and Garcia hits a lot harder than Porter.

I think the output from Granados might be a problem for Garcia, he might take some time to find his rhythm, control distance, but when he does, he will start to counter Granados, and inflict some damage, but I think at that point, Granados will throw caution to the wind, and he will have success, fight his way out of trouble, and if Garcia is tries to be aggressive when he hasn't hurt Granados like he might think he has, he'll get countered, but I think as the fight goes on, Garcia won't gas, if anything, Granados will, and Garcia will be the aggressor, Granados won't be able to outbox him, and he will come off worse if he stands and fights Garcia.

I think Granados will fight absolute tooth and nail with Garcia, make it a great fight, I think he might hit the deck a couple of times, but he will go the distance. I think Granados will make it a great fight, but he will take a beating, and Garcia will win big.

I think Garcia wins, maybe 116-110 on average.

I think Garcia can fight for a world title again, I think now, he beats Thurman, I don't think he beats Porter, definitely not Crawford or Spence, but I think he is definitely still in the mix, and either late in 2019 or early in 2020, Garcia should get a shot at Crawford, Spence, etc.

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